Airbrush kits have come to be extremely popular with the hobbyist, artist, builder and entrepreneur. They have been used for several purposes from cosmetics, spray on sun tanning to automobile refurbishment and personalizing motorbike headgear. Regardless of the ultimate use for the airbrush it may be beneficial to understand a few basic principles in regards to the airbrush prior to your purchase. A small amount of understanding of airbrush kits as well as their capabilities could save you some time, cash and prevent you from getting aggravated when handling your airbrush project.

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There are 2 primary components to think about when examining airbrush kits. 1) airbrush compressor (air supply) and 2) airbrush. Each of these has numerous different versions available determined by exactly what the needs is going to be for each.

The Airbrush Kits Compressor

The airbrush kits air compressor provides the airbrush with pressurized air in a constant rate which allows the airbrush to spread out the medium in managed and even layers. The heavier the medium the greater pressure you need to distribute it smoothly. For instance urethane paint would take much more pressure to apply than an acrylic watercolor. Understanding which kind of medium you’ll primarily be utilising is vital in helping to determine which airbrush compressor you should purchase.

Another aspect to take into account is – the number of airbrushes are you considering utilizing at once. If you are considering utilizing your airbrush kit for numerous airbrushes, like t-shirt art that typically use multiple airbrushes, you’ll require a thing that is sufficiently strong enough to maintain an even level of pressure without over working the compressor.

Many airbrush compressors offer external air storage tanks. These are preferred when you are going to be using the airbrush over long periods of time. The external tank provides constant pressure and allows the compressor a cool down time. This little extra feature will extend the life of your compressor.

Whatever airbrush compressor you decide on make sure that it has some kind of air pressure control and a water trap. The water trap filters out any condensation that can accumulate in the airline. Water in the airline will cause spitting and inconsistent airflow that can quickly ruin your project.

The Airbrush kits Airbrush

Like the compressor the airbrush can be purchased in a variety of variations a design and style for certain tasks. With the airbrush it all will come down to details and how detailed you want yours to be. If you are intending to be making use of the Airbrush for Illustrations or fine details as an example you will need to acquire one having a smaller tip size (.18mm). Or if you are going to use the airbrush for spraying on a tattoo through a stencil obviously you won’t need one with fine detail. (.5mm)  A good general propose spray tip size is around (.3mm)

The Airbrush also come in single action or duel action. Single action airbrushes are a preferred by Spray tan users, model kit builders or mural artists. They are simple to use and are much like using a spray can just point and shoot. They are also a little less expensive. The dual action airbrush allows you to adjust how much paint you are putting out while pulling back on the trigger. Great for light coat applications for Illustrating, custom automotive painting or t-shirt art. - Online Art Supplies

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