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Looking to get a flawless tan? Well we know just the way to get it.

Airbrush tanning has been used for years by many people. It is a safe and effective way to have a beautiful golden tan without the harmful effects of UV rays and without all the time it takes to go to a tanning bed or sit outside in the sun.

If you are in rush, here are our top 6 spray tan machines for 2019 for professional as well as home/mobile use

Top 6 Spray Tan Machines for 2020

Things to Consider Before Buying a Spray Tanning Machine

Let’s take a look at some things you’ll want to consider before purchasing your first spray tan machine. 

Is the Spray Tanning Machine for Personal or Professional Use

The first thing you then need to decide is if you’re planning on using your machine at home or if you have thoughts about either working in a professional salon or starting your own mobile tanning business. 

Just like fitness equipment, spray tanning machines are built using different parts according to their intended end user. The result is that machines come in at different price points. That means you can’t buy a cheap machine and expect it to power through all of the clients at your salon without running into problems. 

Portability – Is the machine heavy?

For heavy machines used in a salon, this isn’t a problem. When it does become a problem is when the system, including the tent, needs to be set up and taken down after every use and especially while you’re holding it to spray a friend or client. 

Volume of Use

Every spray tanning machine will have a rating that will tell you how many times per day it can be used. Light is for home use, Medium can handle most mobile tanning businesses and Heavy use is for salons. 

Noise Level (Measured in Decibels)

The machines are built using air compressor technology and anyone who has been around one while it’s on can tell you that the machine can be noisy. This can be a problem if you are visiting a client’s home and it scares their Rottweiler or in are using it in a spa setting. No one want to pay hundreds of dollars for tranquility only to be disturbed by a roaring air compressor. 

Value for Your Money

If you stick to your plan, you should be able to find a spray tanning machine suitable for your budget. When you determine what the machine will ultimately be used for, you’ll have a better idea of how much to spend on getting the results you want. 

Types of Spray Tan Gun

Airbrush Spray Gun

Originally developed for tattoo artists, these guns are not for beginners. They can cover a great deal of area at once but the flip side of that coin is they can cover a lot of unwanted areas, too. There’s also a very real possibility of bruising the skin when spraying. 


LVLP stands for Low Volume Low Pressure machine. Generally speaking, they make a lot more noise than their high volume counterparts. They are also trickier to use and take longer to apply tanning solution. 


HVLP stands for High Volume Low Pressure. These tanning machines are designed for professional use but can also be good for home use. The best part about this is that the machine is permanently calibrated to emit the exact PSI (pounds per Square Inch) of tanning solution onto the skin, eliminating issues like bruising skin from an air compressor that was calibrated too high. 

Parts of a Spray Tanning System

Air Compressor

An air compressor is what it used to push the tanning product through the spray gun. 

Using a true air brush, the entire tanning process takes thirty to forty minutes which is a waste of time. 
There are customized air guns that can use the air compressor, but these take hours of training to learn how to set up and use them without wasting paint and causing a huge mess. 

Most spray machines are now built with the calibration already built into the unit. 

Spray Tan Hose

The hose should be flexible and fairly lightweight or you’ll feel like you’ve been lugging around a garden hose by the end of the day. 

Spray Tanning Gun

Think of this as your paint brush. It’s necessary that it’s comfortable to handle since that’s the only way it will ever be easy to control. Check to see where the hose attaches. It can be attached from the back or from the bottom. This can be another factor when determining its comfort.

Things to Look For In a Spray Tan Gun

Adjustable Nozzle

The nozzle should be adjustable for working over larger areas or for fine, detailed work. The viscosity, or thickness, of the solution that you use will also be determined by the spray gun. 

Plastic Versus Stainless Steel

The more steel, the better. It won’t corrode and consequently clog your nozzle. However, it will also make the machine that much heavier so again, if your goal is home use, this is less of an issue. Many times, the plastic gun will give a broader spray than those made of stainless steel. 

Size of the Solution Cups

Your spray gun’s solution cups should hold at least two ounces of tanning solution. Two ounces is the average amount of solution to spray one person. 

Ease of Cleaning

This is especially important when traveling with your machine. If the parts aren’t easy to clean, you’ll be wasting a lot of time that could be spent earning more money. If you’re looking to purchase a gun for professional use, your best bet it to buy one that completely disassembles so that you can buy new parts if the old ones break and it’s easier to clean. 

Top Spray Tanning Machines Reviewed

Black Fascination FX Spray Tanning Kit

The Fascination FX is a gorgeous HVLP spray machine with three speeds pushed by a turbine motor. This gives your great control for both, covering wide areas and fine contouring. Motor noise is dampened by the sound dampening enclosure so you can take this into a client’s home without disturbing their parrot. The hose can be used as a dryer. 

The real showstopper here is the FX-Design Spray Gun. The FX-Design Spray Gun has a 0.8 mm needle made of a metal alloy to resist corrosion and the nozzle is adjustable for wide or fine spraying. You’ll keep this gun long after you’ve upgraded your machine. 

Weighing in at 10 pounds, the light weight of this spray machine makes it easy to carry around. This makes the Fascination kit good for start-up mobile tanning businesses, but you’ll have to upgrade your machine when business picks up as it needs to cool off after one-half hour of continuous use. 

It comes with a one year warranty and spare parts are available. 


  • Light weight makes it a good choice for mobile start-ups.
  • FX-Design Spray Gun is an upgrade at this price point.


  • Cannot run machine longer than one-half hour at a time.
  • Extra cups, sticky feet and hair caps are not included.

Aura Allure Spray Tan Machine

Everything about Aura’s Allure spray tanning machine was built with style in mind. The HVLP spray machine has docking surprisingly well-thought through features. For instance, you can dock your spray gun without having to remove the cup. This popular feature will probably soon become standard on all machines. 

The hose is 11.5 feet long which is great for keeping the machine away from overspray. The atomization of the tanning solutions is very fine which is great for precision control. 

This Aura machine comes with a tanning kit that includes everything you need to start spraying as long as you know what you’re doing. An owner’s manual is not included. 

This machine has a Medium level of use. If you schedule your client appointments with about 15 to 30 minutes in-between sessions to allow the machine to cool down, you’ll be able to use this spray machine all day. 


  • Turbine has built-in docking station.
  • Cable management solution works well.
  • 11.5 foot hose protects the turbine motor from overspray.


  • Not designed to be left running all day.
  • A comprehensive user’s manual would be nice for beginners.

MaxiMist Lite Plus Sunless Spray Tanning System

The MaxiMist Lite Plus features a HVLP, 300 Watt turbine motor that weighs a mere five pounds.The on-board spray gun storage eliminates potential spills. 

The plastic spray gun itself features both horizontal and vertical pattern flows for precise control. 
To eliminate corrosion and build-up on the spray gun, MaxiMist has designed a non-stick needle. This helps eliminate clogs. There are three 5-ounce solution cups with two air-tight lids which helps to avoid the hassle of changing shades of solution during a session. 

You can service up to ten clients per day with the MaxiMist Spray Machine (enough for a wedding party). The air hose is 6.5 feet long which is great for spraying taller people and you can dry clients with warm air from the hose. 

The MaxiMist company has an outstanding support staff. 


  • Beginner Package has everything you need to get started.
  • Light weight.
  • Tanning Solution is 100% Vegan.
  • Spare parts included.


  • Low Volume of Use.
  • Restocking fee is possible if returned.

Fuji 2100 MiniTAN M System

Fuji is well known in the industry for its high end, quiet machines. Owning a Fuji spray tanning machine means you’re serious about your business. 

The 2100 spray machine uses Fuji’s HVLP Quiet Turbine Technology, ensuring a quiet spray session. The set motor speed was designed specifically for the spray tanning industry which means you don’t have to adjust the motor speed or air control valve. 

The TAN 7350 all-metal, bleed valve spray gun is a professional grade gun which means it’s easy to clean. The stainless steel cup holds 8 ounces of solution so you can spray about four clients before having to worry about running out of solution. 

A screw-in hose prevents it from accidentally popping off. 

Fuji calls this a Business Kit which means it comes with everything you need to start your own business. The size of the tent is 7 x 4 x4 feet, has a waterproof floor and has an extraction fan. 


  • Half the noise level of a standard turbine.
  • Stainless steel components.
  • 24 month complete systems warranty.


  • Home users make think it’s a bit much.

Norvell Sunless M1000 Mobile Spray Tanning Machine

Spas across the country showcase Norvell automated spray tan booths. They’re starting to get more involved in the mobile tanning market and the quality shows. 

The M1000 is a professional grade spray machine with an HVLP system. The shoulder strap makes it ideal for extended spraying sessions. 

Norvell M Series HVLP spray gun holds an 8-ounce solution cup for extended sessions or multiple clients. The gasket that seals the canister is replaceable. 

The generously long 10 foot hose has a Quick Connect/Disconnect feature which is great for a quick set-up. 


  • Long hose.
  • Metal nozzle on spray gun.
  • One year warranty.


  • No kit available for beginners.

MaxiMist Evolution TNT

The spray gun is a lightweight plastic with their adjustable vertical and horizontal pattern selections which helps control overspray. 

The machine is rated at a Medium Volume of Use so you can spray between twenty-five and forty people every day. It weighs eight pounds and comes with a one year warranty. It’s also quiet enough to carry on a conversation. 

11.5 foot hose and is uniquely attached to the spray gun so that it can be easily released and used to dry the solution on the clients. The three solution cups included can be changed out on the fly. 


  • Solution Cups are easily interchanged.
  • Medium Volume of Use is suitable for mobile businesses.
  • Spare parts are included.


  • Tent and other accessories not included.

Tips for Airbrush Tanning

  • For the best results from the airbrush tanning you should shower and exfoliate your skin before getting it done. This will give you an even and longer lasting tan, because you will not be tanning the dead skin cells that are getting ready to fall off. Using a loofa or puff doesn’t work because it does not conform to the skin which will result in you having a zebra look. Also for females make sure you shave at least 8 hours before getting an airbrush tan because this is also a form of exfoliation and will cause your tan to fade faster.
  • Another tip is to wait to apply any lotions, deodorants, oils, or anything else that could cause a barrier and not let your skin soak up the DHA.
  • After tanning it is recommended to wait at least 8 hours before getting in water or doing any vigorous activity that will make you sweat. This is because the longer you are in water the more water your skin soaks up which will make you tan fade because the water will dilute the effects of the tan. Using a good strong sunscreen will help minimize these effects, but make sure your apply frequently if you are going to be in the water for a long period of time.
  • Airbrush tanning is a good alternative to sun tanning because it is not as harsh on your skin and it is quick and easy. You can go in before a party or event and have a gorgeous tan without all the time of a tanning bed. Airbrush tanning last 5-7 days depending on the person and your activities, but you can go in and get a refresher tan to keep your tan looking beautiful.

What is DHA

The active ingredient in sunless tanners is Dihydroxyacetone also called DHA. The amino acids and proteins in the epidermis or top layer of your skin react with the DHA to give you a beautiful natural looking tan. DHA has went under extensive dermatological testing to prove that it is safe to use. There are no indications that DHA can enter the bloodstream, it can only penetrate the outermost layer or epidermis of the skin.

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