Airbrushing kits

Airbrushing kits have become very popular for the hobbyist, artist, craftsman and entrepreneur. They are being used for many applications from makeup, spray on tanning to car restoration and customizing motorcycle helmets. Whatever the final use for your airbrush it is a good idea to learn a few basics about the airbrushing kits before your make your purchase. A little bit of knowledge about the airbrush and its capabilities will save you some time, money and keep you from getting frustrated when your are working on you project no matter what you plan on using it for.

There are two main elements to consider when purchasing an airbrushing kit. 1)The airbrush compressor (air supply) and 2) the airbrush. Each of them have multiple variations that you can buy depending on what the demands will be for each.

airbrushing kits

Airbrushing Kits – Airbrush Compressor

The airbrush compressor supplies the airbrush with compressed air at a steady rate that allows the airbrush to disperse the medium in controlled and even layers. The thicker the medium that more pressure you will need to dispense it evenly. For example urethane paint would take more pressure to pray than an acrylic watercolor. Knowing what type of medium you will mainly be using is crucial in helping to determine what airbrush compressor you will want to purchase.

Another factor to consider is – how many airbrushes will you be using at one time. If you plan on using you airbrushing kit for multiple airbrushes, like t-shirt art that commonly use multiple airbrushes, you would need something that is strong enough to keep up an even level of pressure without over working the compressor.

Many airbrush compressors offer external air storage tanks. These are preferred when you are going to be using the airbrush over long periods of time. The external tank provides constant pressure and allows the compressor a cool down time. This little extra feature will extend the life of your compressor.

Whatever airbrush compressor you decide on make sure that it has some kind of air pressure control and a water trap. The water trap filters out any condensation that can accumulate in the airline. Water in the airline will cause spitting and inconsistent airflow that can quickly ruin your project.

Airbrushing kits

Airbrushing kits – Airbrush

Like the compressor the airbrush also comes in many different styles a design for specific projects. With the airbrush it all comes down to, not only what type medium, but also how much detail your project demands. If you are going to be using the airbrush for Illustrations or fine detail for example you will want to get one with a smaller tip size (.18mm). Or if you are going to use the airbrush for spraying on a tattoo through a stencil obviously you won’t need one with fine detail. (.5mm)  A good general propose spray tip size is around (.3mm)

The airbrush also available in single action or duel action. Single action airbrushes are a preferred by Spray tan users, model kit builders or mural artists. They are simple to use and are much like using a spray can just point and shoot. They are also a little less expensive. The dual action airbrush allows you to adjust how much paint you are putting out while pulling back on the trigger. Great for light coat applications for Illustrating, custom automotive painting or t-shirt art.

Try to keep in mind the potential for growth – you don’t want to be looking at airbrushing kits again six months from now.

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