Aztek Airbrush kit

The Aztek company carries a line of efficient airbrush systems. Their kitss come with all essential equipment for a superior airbrushing experience for beginners. Each kit varies but basic contents include:

  • Airbrush
  • Connectors for compressor and air hose
  • Compressed air receptacle cap
  • Various nozzle tips with colors detailing the type of paint and surface to be used on,
  • A user’s Manual and DVD giving step by step guide for its usage. This is important as there is no other information regarding colors or nozzle tips and all instructions should be strictly adhered to for best results.

Our top pick of Aztec Airbrush Kit

Aztek Airbrush Kit

For the beginner artist or professional airbrusher, the Aztek Airbrush Kit is simple, clean, and easy to use. The kit features a total of nine different nozzles and seven different paint cups. The design of the airbrush is straightforward and not overly complicated, which allows for ease of use. The product itself is not bulky or too heavy like the many airbrush products on the market. Overall, the Aztek Airbrush Kit is a well-balanced tool for any artist looking for a decent airbrush set.

Pros and Cons


  • The airbursh itself is lightweight.
  • The kit features a nine nozzles.
  • The kit has seven different paints to choose from.
  • The official YouTube video instructions on how to use the product is short, yet detailed (just short of two minutes).
  • The airbrush is easy to clean.
  • Changing colors with the airbrush is easy, as it simply snaps into place


  • The Aztek Airbrush Kit can get quite pricey.
  • The case that contains the equipment is made of wood and can dirty easily and may take extra effort into keeping clean.
  • May have to purchase the Aztek Cleaning Station Airbrush Set and Aztek Cleaning Station Filters to the clean the Aztek Airbrush better than merely soaking the parts in lacquer thinner.
  • The Aztek Airbrush may be uncomfortable to hold for extended periods of time.

Key Features

The Aztek Airbrush Kit features nine different nozzles and seven different paints to airbrush with. For safe keeping, the Aztek Airbrush Kit is all contained within a wooden carrying case, preventing damage to any part of the kit. The Aztek Airbrush included with the kit is light in design and features an easy-to-use snap and spray system. Swapping paint colors is just as easy by pulling out the old color and snapping in the new.

Review of the Aztek Airbrush Kit

Overall, the Aztec Airbrush Kit is a well-rounded product. If one ignores the possibility of getting a faulty product by chance in the mail and the three digit price tag, this airbrush is most likely the best on the market right now.

The ease of use and simple design is more than appealing, as an overly complicated design may confuse beginner artists. The sheer amounts of nozzles and paints featured in this kit compared to other kits allow for this kit to have the edge over the other airbrush kits out there.

This choice is important, as a serious artist likes the choice to create as boundlessly as possible. The airbrush quality is top-notch and creates crisp, clear lines, without any splatter or paint spillage.

This is important for creating the best possible works, as if the company knows that the quality is what is important to the artist. Overall, this is the type of airbrush that is useful if the user will use the product more than once. The good aspects of this product heavily outweigh some of its downfalls and deems it a great product.

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