How to Airbrush Jimi Hendrix

I put this video together to show you some basic spray masking techniques used in airbrushing. Spray masking film can be used in a variety of airbrushing paint applications, automotive painting, motorcycle helmet and tank painting. In this video I used a matte finish self-adhering masking paper. I used a matte finish so I could trace my design directly on to the mask and since I was painting on a smooth flat surface this type of masking worked well. If I were to have airbrushed on to a motorcycle helmet, for example, I would have used a flexible spray mask.

You will notice that in this video that I only used one color and only two layers were painted. One is translucent the other opaque on a black base coat. I could have used many colors for this painting but since the whole idea or the video was to demonstrate the use of spray masking I felt that one color would work. - Online Art Supplies

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