Iwata Airbrush

When it comes to airbrush, Iwata has got wide selections of airbrushes. The Eclipse Series airbrushes cover a wide range of uses and they are multi-purpose, high-paint-flow and high detail airbrushes [Only fine paint can’t be done with these brushes]. They are commonly used to spray premixed or heavier paints. If you want precise control of spray and using moderate to large amounts of spray to various sized areas, these airbrushes are your choice. These airbrushes are easy to use and you can easily clean them.

Iwata airbrush is excellent if you want to do airbrush makeup. Combine Iwata Eclipse dual action airbrush gun with Iwata’s silver jet airbrush compressor and you have an excellent makeup airbrush kit.

Maintenance of these airbrushes is very easy. For short term cleaning, add little water into the gun and blow it away after every use. Once in a week, use proper cleaner to really clean out any gunk that may be hiding inside the needles. DO NOT USE TOWELS OR PAPER PRODUCTS TO CLEAN this gun. Use recommended brushes to clean it. The tiny fibers will come off and can clog the needle. You can’t get them out and will have to replace your needles.

Here are our top selection of IWATA Airbrush Guns

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