Iwata Airbrush Kits

Iwata airbrushes are designed with high standards and are highly recommended for users of different experiences from beginner to intermediate. Designed with a combination of self centering nozzle and medium (0.35) needle, it is versatile and handles most airbrushing jobs except fine lines. At 8.8 ounces it is light weight and excellent for children to use on projects.

It is multipurpose, reliable and the ultimate tool for the hobbyist with capability for high detail and high paint flow. It works well for shading and background painting or where controlled and an even pattern is needed.

Top Iwata Airbrush Kits

Iwata HP-CS Airbrush Kit

Iwata HP-CS Complete Airbrushing Kit 

Iwata Eclipse Airbrush Kit

Iwata Eclipse HP-BCS Airbrush Kit 

Iwata Airbrushing Kit

Iwata Studio Series Smart Jet Single Compressor 

Iwata airbrushing kit

Iwata Studio Series With Ninja Jet Compressor 

Iwata HP-CS Eclipse Airbrushing Kit

Iwata HP-CS Eclipse Airbrushing Kit 

Iwata Beginner Airbrush Kit

Iwata Beginner Airbrush Kit With 10 colors and DVD 

Iwata Airbrush Kit

Iwata Complete Airbrush Kit With 10 colors and 2     DVD’s 

Iwata HP-CS Airbrushing Kit

Iwata HP-CS Airbrushing Kit With Silver Jet Compressor 

Iwata Studio Seriese Airbrush Kit WithSmart Jet Pro Compressor

Iwata Studio Seriese Airbrush Kit WithSmart Jet Pro Compressor 
























Additional Airbrush Kits

Makeup Airbrush Kit

Airbrush Tanning Kits

Cake Airbrush Kits

Beginner Airbrush Kits


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