Iwata Eclipse HP-CS Airbrushing Kit

Iwata Eclipse HP-CS airbrush kitThe Iwata Eclipse HP-CS Airbrushing Kit come with a Power Jet Pro airbrush compressor that features a powerful twin-pump 1/6 Hp motor and is equipped with twice the features of the Power Jet Lite. It has two air pressure regulators for precise adjustment of airflow at two individual workstations. Built with Iwata Smart Technology it automatically shuts off when not in use. It is a moderately priced airbrush kit that comes with a two liter air tank reservoir and has enough power to spray heavy paints. Like all Iwata Studio Series compressors the Power Jet Pro comes complete with an airhose and adapters so it can hook up to any brand of airbrush. The Iwata Eclipse HP-CS is a multi-purpose, high-paint-flow, versatile airbrush that can cover a wide range of uses. Because the Iwata Eclipse HP-CS Airbrush can spray heavier paints and achieve a fine line as well as a 2″ wide pattern, they are well suited for just about any application or project. The Iwata Eclipse HP-CS Airbrush Series are the most popular models due to their versatility.

Iwata Airbrushing kit

Iwata Eclipse HP-CS Airbrush kit Features

  • Iwata Eclipse HP-CS Dual-action gravity-feed airbrush with a 1/3 oz. funnel shaped cup
  • Has a unique 0.35-mm needle and nozzle combination for fine-detail spraying
  • The Power Jet Pro compressor features a powerful twin-pump and 1/6 Hp motor
  • DUAL Adjustable pressure regulators DUAL Moisture filters DUAL Mounted pressure gauges DUAL Quick disconnect ports and DUAL Built-in airbrush holders.
  • Power Jet Pro comes complete with an airhose and adapters so it can hook up to any brand of airbrush
  • 2 liter tank Zero pulsation and air reserve for spraying at higher air pressures.

Iwata Eclipse HP-CS Airbrushing kit Reviews

The reviews that we found on the Iwata Power Jet Compressor were all positive. Users liked the ability to use two airbrushes at a time. This is especially important when you are using two different kinds of airbrushes for different proposes like going back and forth from a fine line airbrush to a broad line airbrush while having the ability to make independent air adjustments to the air flow for each. The versatility and durability of the Eclipse series makes Iwata Eclipse HP-CS Airbrushing kit a favorite in the industry.

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