Airbrush Tattoo Kit

If you are just starting into temporary tattooing or body painting, it is very important to look for best airbrush tattoo kit. There are various models and power compressor.

When it comes to airbrush tattoos, the kit should have

  • Fine airbrush,
  • A powerful and long lasting compressor,
  • Variety of stencils and
  • Different color inks.
tattoo airbrush kit

Here we compare the top two models for airbrush tattoo kits – PointZero and Master.

Master Airbrush Tattoo Kit

Master brand is well known in airbrush market and its tattoo kit is good starting point for anyone who wants to start tattoo business. This deluxe system comes with

  • Airbrush – Master Brand Model G34 airbrush. This airbrush is dual action gravity fee airbrush and comes with a 0.3mm needle
  • Compressor – Model TC-20 Maintenance Free Air Compressor with Automatic On and off Shut off, Air Regulator with gauge.
  • Stencils – This kit comes with 100 reusable tattoo stencils
  • 8 Colour Paints -Tattoo Primary Paint Colors in 1 oz. Bottles: Yellow, Red, Blue, Black, Purple, Pink, Green, Orange
  • Airbrush Holder for up to 4 Airbrushes Attaches to Tables and Bench Tops

Pointzero Airbrush Tattoo Kit

If you are looking for professional temporary tattoo kit, then this pointzero deluxe kit is perfect one. The package includes

  • PointZero Elite-125X air compressor – This oil-less airbrush compressor delivers excellent power (1/5 horse) and its not at all noisy like other compressor. This is very compact and lightweight so that you can carry it easily
  • The PZ-270 airbrush – This is dual-action internal-mix airbrush.
  • A guide book with 100 different design patterns
  • The six color airbrush paint set contains water-resistant, non-toxic colors that are ready-to-use right out of the bottle and safe for use on the skin.

Tattoo Airbrush Kit Review

The reviews that we found on the Matser Tattoo Airbrush Kit were all positive. Users found The Master Airbrush Brand Model G34 Precision Dual-Action Gravity Feed Airbrush easy to use and load with it’s smaller reservoir gravity feed cup.

It allowed for quickly changing colors and reduced waste of paint when changing from one color to the next. Also users of the airbrush tattoo kit mention how they like the quietness and light weight compressor that was easy to set up and with the automatic shut-off made it easy to use.

The 100 reusable stencils provided in the kit were found to be easily applied and offered a great selection of different designs that could be used together to create a custom design. With all of the positive reviews that were found we feel confidant in recommend this Airbrush Tattoo Kit.

You can buy professional as well as beginner tattoo kits from amazon and Walmart.

How To Apply Temporary Airbrush Tattoo

Current Popularity of temporary tattoos make it viable business opportunity. This video shows how to apply temporary airbrush tattoo for kids.

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