Testors Airbrush Kit

The Testor Mighty Mini Airbrushing Kits includes everything you need to start airbrushing. All of the guesswork and purchasing of supplies separately is a thing of the past with the Mighty Mini.

Testor Mighty Mini Airbrushing Kit Product Features

  • Testor Mighty Mini Airbrushing kits external mix Single action airbrush
  • Compact compressor
  • 12cc top feed cup
  • ¼ oz. Siphon cap & bottle
  • Six colors of pre-thinned, ready to use airbrush acrylic paint.


The reviews that we found for the Testor Mighty Mini Airbrushing kits were not very favorable. Many of the complaints listed were constant clogging of the tip, low and inconsistent air pressure, lack of detailed lines possible and some over heating issues with the compressor just to name a few. The only positive review that we found liked the price but also mention that they were already looking to upgrade to something with better quality and precision.

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